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5 Things to Look For When Searching for Homes

There’s a lot to consider as you begin shopping for homes for sale in Greenwich. How many bedrooms should my house have? In what neighborhood should I live? Which aspects should be non-negotiable, and what can I live without? You’ll find answers to these questions and more as you read through the article below. Feel more prepared to take the next step and start looking at available properties today!


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Every productive home search should include a search for the best neighborhood for your needs. Unlike the flooring or paint color, you can’t change the home’s location after you complete your purchase. Take time before or after you see a property in person to drive around and get a feel for the neighborhood. You may also spot shared amenities that you’ll get to enjoy. Even if you don’t plan to use these things yourself, they can add to the resale value of your home. 

Make sure the home isn’t too far removed from key services such as pharmacies or grocery stores. You don’t want to have to drive thirty minutes each way every time you need to pick up a dozen eggs or refill a prescription. If you can knock on your potential neighbors’ doors and introduce yourself, this can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about life in the neighborhood. You may also hear something about the previous homeowner and how they took care of the property you’re considering purchasing. 


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One of the first things you’ll learn about an available home is how many bedrooms it has. A number of factors go into determining whether or not you can call a room a “bedroom” for listing and appraisal purposes. Think about how many bathrooms are in the home in relation to each bedroom and how many are connected to bedrooms. It’s normal for the primary suite to have a private bathroom, but you probably don’t want a situation where you have four additional bedrooms and only one shared bathroom. 

Finally, notice what level each bedroom is on if the house is more than one story. Some buyers prefer to have everyone sleeping on the same level, and this can be an issue in homes where the primary bedroom is on the bottom floor, and all others are on the top floor.  Lately, a bedroom on the main floor is a great selling point.

Outdoor spaces

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Many home buyers want to find homes with expanded outdoor living areas. They love having a designated deck, patio, or porch where they can sit outside when the weather is nice. If you find a home with a large yard that doesn’t yet have a living area, you can always add this on yourself. You may also want to create an outdoor kitchen to cook and prepare meals outside. Some homeowners only need a space where they can put a grill. Others prefer a fully stocked outdoor kitchen with counter space and built-in sinks. Maybe you even buy a home with a pool or hot tub. These can all be great ways to improve your living standard while adding to your home's resale value. 

Structural integrity

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Many structural problems are challenging to spot with the naked eye. You’ll thank yourself later on for choosing to get an inspection before you complete your home purchase. The inspector will give you a full report on the status of key home fixtures, such as the foundation, the roof, and the HVAC system. This doesn’t mean you should completely ignore these concerns as you initially begin to shop for a home. There are signs you can watch out for that may tell you something about how things currently stand under the surface. 

If you notice cracks in the wall or doors that don’t properly close, it may be a sign of the home settling or issues with the home’s foundation. If the house is already 15-20 years old and still has the original roof, this could be a financial responsibility that falls to you soon. Keep an eye out for shingles that look worn or warped. This happens more often in homes that don’t have gutters.  

Storage space

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Storage space may not be a concern when you first move in if you upgrade to a larger home. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll fill up your new home and crave extra space. Try to find a home with at least one closet in every bedroom and two additional hall closets. A home with an attic or basement can provide even more opportunities for increased storage. You can also finish these rooms later if you want to expand your functional living space. In addition, many homeowners prefer to buy a home with a three or four-car garage. 

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