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My Big WHY…

I admit, I have selfish reasons for being a Real Estate Broker. It is the feeling of overwhelming joy and renewed energy that I get each time a client moves into a new home. I am addicted to the smiles and the eyes that shine with anticipation of the future. I love the hugs and handshakes that come with a job well done. I relish the videos, pictures, and notes from my clients with great news through their years. I am humbled when they send their friends and family to me with the confidence that they are in great hands. I am always full of excitement when clients ask me to hop on a plane to help them with real estate decisions all around the United States and even other countries. "I live for these moments. They make me who I am."



It is important that GEN Next Real Estate’s clients have “24/7/365” access to Gen and her team.  That is why we have an app just for our clients.  When it comes to providing outstanding customer service, Gen spares no time or expense.  Our client app was built by the same developers of the Citibank and Verizon apps!  Our app gives each client a Personal Communications Hub dedicated to their own process and needs.

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