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Everything You Need to Know about Getting Your Home Inspected Before Selling

When you’re getting ready to sell your home in Connecticut, one thing you won’t want to skip is the home inspection.

Benefits of getting your home inspected as the seller

Having an inspection done will not only help you identify any potential problems that could arise during the sale, but it can also help you maximize your sale price. By having an inspector come in and evaluate the condition of your home, you can make any necessary repairs and upgrades that could increase the value of your property. This might include replacing worn-out appliances, repairing broken windows or doors, and ensuring all safety features are up to current standards. Taking the time to properly inspect and upgrade your home before putting it on the market can help you get the best possible price for your property.

It will give you an edge in negotiations

Inspecting your home before selling is also an advantageous step in the home-selling process. It can help protect against costly surprises down the line that could put the sale at risk. Having an inspection done will provide you with a detailed report which can be used as a bargaining chip during negotiations. By knowing ahead of time what potential buyers might be critical of, you can prepare for their counter offers. It also shows a level of professionalism that many buyers respect, as it speaks to your readiness to make a sale. Ultimately, having a thorough inspection done before selling can save both time and money in the long run, and it will give buyers confidence in the condition of your home and help you secure the best possible price for your property.

You'll avoid any surprises during the closing process

A pre-listing home inspection can identify potential issues that could arise during the sale. Unfortunately, this can not be overstated. The last thing you want as a seller is for the sale to fall through during the closing process. An inspection will help you avoid undetected structural damage, plumbing or electrical issues, or even pests. It's important to choose a qualified, certified inspector who is familiar with local building codes and regulations. Once the inspection is complete, you will have a better understanding of any repairs or renovations that need to be made prior to listing your home. Not only will this help you anticipate potential problems during the sale, but it will also help you set a realistic asking price.

Risks of getting your home inspected before listing

A home inspection can delay a sale as the seller must make the necessary repairs, and the buyer must sign off on the inspection report. The seller must make all necessary repairs and provide proof of completion to the buyer. Additionally, the buyer must review the inspection report and sign off on it before the sale can continue. This process can take some time, especially if the inspection reveals any significant issues with the property. It is important for the seller to be proactive in addressing any issues that arise during the inspection so that the transaction can move forward quickly and without delay. Even though the home inspection may cause delays, it is an invaluable step in ensuring the safety and integrity of the property and ensuring that the buyer is getting a fair deal.

Potential lowered value — a home inspection may reveal issues that negatively affect the home

A home inspection can uncover issues that could potentially lower the value of a home. These issues can range from structural problems, such as faulty foundation or roof damage, to fairly cosmetic issues, like countertop dings and loose door jams. It is important to address these issues before attempting to sell a home so that potential buyers know of any potential problems. These problems will, of course, reveal themselves if the buyer decides to have the home inspected (which 77% of buyers do,) so addressing issues early will give you more time to evaluate the home and set a fair asking price, even if it is lower than you originally thought.

Frequently asked questions about home inspection

How do I schedule a home inspection?

Your Connecticut real estate agent may be able to recommend a reputable inspector. If you are looking for an inspector on your own, start with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors or the American Society of Inspectors to ensure your choice is properly certified. During the inspection, the inspector will evaluate the entire structure of the home, including the roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Once the inspector has completed the inspection, they will provide you with a written report that outlines their findings. In order to ensure a timely inspection, be sure to provide the inspector with all relevant information regarding your home.

What repairs are legally required for me to make as the seller?

As a seller, certain repairs are legally required of you prior to putting your home on the market. These repairs are typically outlined in the seller’s disclosure statement and can include anything from plumbing and electrical issues to roofing and structural components. It is important to note that while some repairs are necessary to ensure the safety of potential buyers, others are simply recommended and may not be required by law.

How do I prepare my home for inspection?

Before any inspections occur, it’s important to take the time to make sure your home looks its best. Start by cleaning and decluttering your home to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Check all the windows and doors to make sure they are functioning properly and address any minor repairs that need to be done. Make sure the attic, crawl spaces, and exterior of your home are easily accessible for the inspector. Finally, take the time to inspect all of the major systems in your home, such as the roof, plumbing, and HVAC, to ensure that everything is working properly.

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