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Why We Invest in Professional Photography

Real estate is competitive. A good real estate agent who wants the best for their clients doesn’t cut corners, and they don’t skimp on things that make a big difference. Gen Next Realty uses professional photography for each and every listing they represent because the agents know it matters.

Professional photography is the most important thing a realtor can do for their clients right now, but far too many skip it. The latest iPhone and a phone stand might be enough for some, but there is a big difference between a nice phone camera and an actual, professional camera with properly edited photos.

These are the reasons why Gen Next Real Estate only uses professional photography and why you shouldn’t settle for anything less when you’re considering listing your home.

Online home shopping is up

More people than ever are turning to the internet for their real estate shopping. Agency sites like Gen Next Real Estate are popular, and it’s estimated that up to 97% of homebuyers used the internet at some point during their browsing process — with about 76% of them using a mobile device like a tablet or phone.

When you shop online, all you have to see is a photo. There’s no way to walk through the home, not really, and internet shopping doesn’t compare to stepping into a new room, touching the doors, and really viewing a yard.

Professional photography is the only way you can experience these things. The better quality the photo is from the start, the better your property will look on every device, not just a large computer screen. It’s just a fact that a professional photo will look better on a smaller screen.

Photos are a true first impression

You only get one first impression in life. This is true in business, in your personal life, and it’s true in real estate, too. Gen Next Realty realizes that is the case and knows that with so many people shopping online for their homes, photos are that first impression.

With so many homes to browse on the market, an idle shopper isn’t going to pause for a home with a blurry photo of the front porch or a badly lit kitchen photographed at an awkward angle. Professional photography ensures that the first impression a buyer gets of your home is a good one.

Homes with professional photography sell faster

An interesting study was published by the National Association of Realtors in 2017. In it, the association looked at what helped a home sell faster and found that a home with just one photo in the listing sat on the market for an average of 70 days. A comparable home with 20 photos spent just 32 days on the market.

The market has obviously changed since 2017, but the findings remain the same. Homes with more photographs, and photographs that are of higher quality, simply sell faster. Gen Next Real Estate has known this long before that study came out, which is why they have always invested in good photography.

Homes sell for more with professional photography

That same study quoted previously also looked at the sales price of homes with high quality photographs compared to those with minimal photographs or poor quality. A home that was listed for between $200,000 and $1 million and that had a high-quality set of photographs attached to the listing sold for significantly more (between $3,000 and $11,000). This is compared to other homes in the area that were similar in size, neighborhood, and features. The only difference was the professional photography on the listing.

If you talk to a real estate agent who claims their phones are “just like” a professional’s, and their editing app can do the same thing, be wary. These statistics are important to remember, and Gen Next Realty knows that skipping on a professional photograph is like leaving money on the table. You never want to do it.

Buyers also simply prefer professional photography

A 2021 report from the National Association of Realtors gave a more in-depth look at how a buyer actually utilized online photographs. When talking to potential buyers, 87% said that photos were a useful tool, more than the 85% that found the property information helpful. Over 90% of users viewed the first photo in the listing before looking at anything else, so they were already forming an opinion on the property before venturing further.
If your real estate agent is catering to the buyer, your home is going to sell faster. Gen Next Real Estate realized long ago that it made a big difference when it came to selling homes, and its success speaks for itself.

Professional photographers know what to look for

Do you know what good lighting looks like in a home? Not lighting that is nice for cooking or watching television, but taking a great photograph? What about the perfect angle for capturing the big windows in your living area or the right editing to make your front door pop?

Taking a good picture is putting all of those elements together to form the perfect representation of your home. The average person with a current generation phone isn’t going to be able to best represent the property because they don’t have the experience or training to take great photographs. A professional with a great camera and a good artistic eye, however, can make it all come together.

Thinking about listing your home?

Are you considering listing your home, and you’re looking for someone to properly represent your interests and your property? Make sure you call GenNext Real Estate to discuss your options. Gen Distance is the owner of Gen Next Realty, and she is the best of the best, consistently in the top 1% of homes sold. She understands the importance not just of good marketing and great customer service but of representing your home in the best possible light. There’s no one better to handle your sale in the Connecticut area who can help ensure you get the best results from your sale. Reach out, and get the process started today.

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